DATE AND COST one year course

600-hour Polish language course

October 2018 June 2019600
12.000 PLNopens in April 2018
October 2018June 201960012.000 PLNopens in April 2018

* the group for students either from Slavic countries or  speaking any Slavic language fluently
** reaching the final level depends on student’s attendance and individual work during the course

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We offer:
• 4 lessons of 45 min a day (4×45 min plus a break)
• classes held five days a week
• a total of 600 hours, divided into 3 separate modules
• course schedule adjusted to the needs of a particular group

The price of the course covers:
• participation in classes with the defined number of hours,
• learning materials.

The price of the course does not include the costs of :
• residence,
• accommodation,
• insurance,
• trips organized by the Center and the participation in the cultural events.