600-hour Polish Language Course is organised by the Polish Language Center at  Warsaw University of Technology – the finest Polish technical university and one of the top universities in Poland. The course is held in the capital of Poland – Warsaw – the bustling city of interesting history and of many important historical monuments.

The aim of the 600-hour Polish Language Course is participants’ achievement of the B1 or B2 levels of the Polish language depending upon the initial language level and the nationality of the participant. The course aims to prepare foreigners residing in Poland and wishing to study at Polish universities particularly at technical universities to have a satisfactory command of the language and to make the student familiar with the Polish culture.

After the completion of the course the participant will be prepared in terms of the language and the culture to live and study in Poland or in the case of a lower starting level – offered advice concerning  learning the Polish language further in order to reach the required level to study in Poland. The participant will use basic academic vocabulary as well as the Polish language in everyday life situations effectively.

Course participants will also have the opportunity to prepare for a State Polish Examination on the A2, B1,B2 levels and take it in our examination centre.

Course participants who complete the course at the B2 level and will wish to undertake studies at the Warsaw University of Technology will be entitled to take an examination in the Polish language at the B2 level held by the Foreign Language centre at the Warsaw University of Technology.