DATE AND COST one year course

600-hour Polish language course

October 2019 June 2020600
open form April 2019
October 2019June 2020600open from April 2019

* the group for students either from Slavic countries or  speaking any Slavic language fluently
** reaching the final level depends on student’s attendance and individual work during the course


To enrol for the course please fill in the registration form and send it to us at:

We offer:
• 4 lessons of 45 min a day (4×45 min plus a break)
• classes held five days a week
• a total of 600 hours, divided into 3 separate modules
• course schedule adjusted to the needs of a particular group

The price of the course covers:
• participation in classes with the defined number of hours,
• learning materials.

The price of the course does not include the costs of :
• residence,
• accommodation,
• insurance,
• trips organized by the Center and the participation in the cultural events.