How to enrol in our courses?


Registration for 600-hour Polish Language Course 2018/2019  has been closed.

To enrol in the chosen course you should complete the registration form and send it to  our office at ojp.sjo@pw.edu.pl

Having received your application we will send you the qualification test (for those who already know Polish).

Filled test should be sent back to the Center to the following mail address: ojp.sjo@pw.edu.pl

On the enrolment deadline you will receive an agreement to sign and the account number to pay the course fee within 7 days.

Sign the agreement and send it back to us as a scan. The original of the agreement you shall deliver to the first class.

Next pay the due fees. Admission is possible only after the fees are paid.

Within 7 days you will be informed if we open the course. The course will be open if we receive minimum 8 payments for the course.

If the course is opened, we will issue a certificate for the embassy necessary to apply for Polish visa.

In case the course is not opened we will return paid course fees.

Detailed enrolment procedure can be read here.